SizeGenetics Results and Review – My Results After 4 Months

sizegenetics exntederSize Genetics, the famous penis extender needs no introduction.

For almost two decades, the device has been used and acclaimed for its effective and fast penis enlargement results.

The popularity of this penis extender can be judge by the fact that for some people, the synonym for this device is penis extender.

Ever since size genetics has been introduced in the market, it has become the most preferable penis enlargement tool people blindly rely for their needs.

What makes size genetics a success is the fact that it works in a natural manner. That is, it helps to improve the size and girth of the penis by applying the principles of traction.

With this, your reproductive organ is enabled to extend in a safest way for you to penetrate deeper and thus enjoy your sex life even more!

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  • Sizegenetics is a penis enlargement tool that helps to increase the size of your reproductive organ. Not just it helps to improve the size of your penis, but also the girth. However, if you want to make the most using this penis extender, then it is important to use it according to the instructions provided by its manufacturers.
  • This brilliant tool encompasses a 16 way ultimate comfort system that enables men to wear this device for long. Indeed, this serves to be a favorable factor when it comes to faster and bigger gains, as the more longer you wear the device, the faster you are likely to experience the results.
  • The device has been medically tested, certified, endorsed and supported by the medical community. Interestingly, it is prescribed by the health care professionals, all across the globe. Not just this, it is the first suggested option for the ones willing to increase the size of their penis, but are reluctant to undergo any surgical procedure.
  • This penis extender is also recognized as the medical type I device, which proves how effective it is for every single person who uses it.
  • Apart from improving the size of penis, the device has also proved its efficacy to treat a medical condition known as peyronie’s disease.
  • It also aids in curing erectile dysfunction.


Using SizeGenetics will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Using sizeGenetics leads to faster results.
  • Results generated by this penis extender are lasting.
  • Apart from improving the width and size of your penis, the tool also helps to improve its strength that is favorable for better orgasms.
  • The usage of SizeGenetics is not only fruitful for a particular age group, however, is beneficial for every single male. Yes, no matter whatsoever your age is, you can simply enjoy a reliable erection using the device. Not just this, the tool can also help you ease the stress of premature ejaculation.
  • In addition to this, SizeGenetics can aid in aligning a proper curved penile.
  • Helps to improve your confidence in bed.
  • Is simple to use and causes no pain.
  • Has no side effects and is way more effective than other penis extenders.

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Since your reproductive organ is the most sensitive part of your body, thus safety is the top most aspect that users generally prioritize, while choosing a penis enlargement tool for themselves. Second, is of course the efficacy of the product!

However, be it safety or effectiveness, the product that hits the list is of course, SizeGenetics!

Indeed, the price of this product is a little more than the prices of other penis extenders.

But trust me, paying a bit more is worth it, as the results generated by SizeGenetics are guaranteed superior, faster and lasting.

In addition to this, the chances of scam are more when you choose any other penis extender, other than SizeGenetics.

Reason lies in the fact that there are many websites that claim to sell genuine products, however that is not the actual case all the time!

Though, when it comes to SizeGenetics Extender, there is no point of confusion. In order to grab the genuine product, all you need to do is order SizeGenetics from the only source that is the official website of SizeGenetics.


Even though, SizeGenetics cons are not very intense, yet they do tend to exist.

These are:

  • Like other penis enlargement tools, users are supposed to wear the device for a minimum time period of four hours every day. However, for enhanced results, the usage should be continued for at least 8 weeks. Of course, being regular with the usage is not always easy for all. Yet, the non-so-concerning concern can be solved by utilizing the comfort strap, included in the device. But let me be very clear to you at this point, that in order to make the most from this penis extender, using it appropriately and as per the manufacturer’s instruction is extremely important!
  • As compared to the prices of other penis enlargement tools available in the market, the price of this product is higher. Even though, this is not actually a ‘con’, as normally, good money brings good quality products like in the case of SizeGenetics. In addition to this, the product is also equipped with different other items. Yet for some, it is a costly device. Interestingly, people who find this product expensive can avail discounts at the checkout time, whilst advantage from a number of promotional offers presented every now and then by the company!

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As mentioned earlier, the product is equipped with different items which make this system extremely effective for the users.

Mentioned below is a short description pertaining to each of these items for you to better understand what each is intended for, have a look:


Extending penis for a prolonged period of time can make the skin rough. Thus, the two accessories are meant to keep your penis shaft protected.


Well, this service is indeed, what makes us, we the customers feel valuable. Even after the transaction get over, the relationship between you and the company still exists! The team is 24/7 available for you to assist or entertain all your questions and concerns in regard to the device. With this, you can simply make the most from your tool!


Purchasing sizegenetics will enable you to access lovecentria system.  If you are unaware about lovecentria system, then let me tell you what it is! It is a system which encompasses around 55 DVDs that the users can access online! Basically, these include thorough information pertaining to sexual activities for you to excel your performance in bed!


These additional items encompassed with the device are meant to make your penis enlargement journey easier and comfortable. With these, users can simply wear the tool for a prolonged period of time.


Well, device wipes are provided to keep your device clean and hygienic.


This complementary penis health exercise program can help you achieve superior results from the device. Besides, its 16 way comfort strap technology makes this penis extender unique, comfortable and effective from the other penis enlargement tools available in the market.

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Normally, every user asks this very question! Is SizeGenetics penis extender suitable for me? Will it work for me?

Well, the clear answer is, YES, indeed! In order to support my answer, I have prepared a list of factors that will help you better understand why SizeGenetics is the viable answer for all the men willing to increase their penis size, have a look:

  • SizeGenetics penis extender is medically tested proven to work effectively. It is for this reason it is recommended by the health care professionals and doctors across the globe.
  • It causes no harm to your health. That is, it is free of side effects and merely works in your favor.
  • It is suitable for men of all ages, and does not target a particular age group.
  • It works in a natural way. It serves to be a stretcher and stretches your penis by supporting the growth of cells encompassing your penile. For this reason, it managed to win even the hearts of its critics who also reported to experience considerable changes in the width and size of their penis. Indeed, a longer penis can help your partner enjoy your sexual intimacy even more, as women love to have deeper penetration, which is healthy for any romantic relationship.
  • Results triggered by this penis enlargement tool are lasting, unlike the results generated by other devices available in the market.
  • In addition to this, the results of SizeGenetics occur naturally, at a fast pace. That is, using this penis enlargement tool according to the instructions will help you increase your penis size by inches in a matter of months. As said earlier, the increase in size is permanent and not temporary!

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Even though, the penis enlargement tool is not associated with any health complication, however overstretching the penis or ignoring the instructions can end you up causing problems.


Well, yes!

You heard it right!

For all those who are willing to purchase this cutting edge tool, but find it too costly, can greatly advantage at this very moment!

All our valued customers are entitled to avail a discount of more than $300 and grab their favorite SizeGenetics penis extender immediately!


Can i Buy SizeGenetics at Ebay or Amazon Store?

Choosing a reliable source will ensure you receive a product that is hundred percent genuine and original.

Remember, SizeGenetics penis extender is a medically proven device, and getting an authentic tool will merely help you achieve supreme results.

Thus, trust the trusted and choose the official website of SizeGenetics to place your order.

With this, the customers will be entitled to after-sales support.

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Clearly speaking, choosing this genuine source will merely benefit you in all the ways.

Be it the genuineness of the product, or the company’s money back policy, SizeGenetics prioritizes the consent of its customers in all the ways possible!

To your surprise, it offers a 6 months return policy for you to judge its efficacy.

That is, if you do not find this penis extender effective after using it for 180 days, you can simply return it to the company and get all your money back!

Yeah, that’s true!

The reason for such a flexible refund policy is the fact that its manufacturers are pretty sure how well it will work for every single user who uses it according to the instructions!


SizeGenetics money back guaranteeWell, like the refund policy, this quality assurance will also manage to convince you why choosing this authentic source will benefit you in all the ways.

Yes, I am talking about the warranty period!

In order to extend your warranty period for up to 24 months, all you need to do is pay a little amount and relieve yourself for 2 years!


We understand the importance of privacy, particularly when it comes to a product like SizeGenetics that involves your private parts.

Thus we ensure complete confidentiality of the shipment package through several safety measures.

We deliver the product in discreet packaging, with no hints pertaining to the contents present inside the package, or the disclosure of any personal information in regard to the third party such as the credit card details etc.


As mentioned earlier, the only reliable source from where you can get a genuine SizeGenetics extender is from the official website of SizeGenetics.

However, there are several means through which you can successfully pay the price of this product, these include:

  • Credit card.
  • PayPal account.
  • Snail mail through cash, postal order or cheque.

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An online deal demands you to provide all your personal information regarding your identity, address, credit card information etc.

It is for this reason advised to choose a source that is genuine for you to avoid the chances of scams.

Moreover, in many cases, customers remain unaware regarding the ongoing deals and discounts offered by the company at the time of purchasing the products.

Thus, choosing the official source will help you get aware of the ongoing discounts or reduction in the current prices, so that no good chances are missed!

Well, let me start with the tutorial, so that you are comprehensively assisted to avail the discount.
First of all, access the official website of SizeGenetics, and click the buy now bar.
Within seconds, you will be directed to a page wherein you need to fill in all your personal information; that is the checkout page.
Step by step fill in the details that have been asked.


After studying the market thoroughly, I have reached a conclusion as SizeGenetics extender being the only viable, effective and convenient option for men willing to increase their penile size in the most natural and safer manner.

The masterminds behind this unique creation have designed it in a way that users can wear the device for hours, without feeling uncomfortable or restless.

Even though, it is a little heavy on the pocket, yet way cheaper than the expensive and painful penile surgeries!

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