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About Me

My name is Jeff Myers and i am a professional pharmacist.

Although attachment with different drugs has been my passion, recently I have discovered something that won’t come under any drug class.

It’s a simple device that through mechanical ways increases the size of your penis and by God, it is indeed an effective method to this day.

Like most men, I had an average size penis which you can say was 5 inches long with a very mediocre girth size.

I meet new people every day, which kind of makes me not in a relationship because I like to fly freely.

Having sex with too many girls lets you know what they actually want, and for that time I was kind of sad because not every girl was satisfied with my size.

I searched for so many products and read everything about them, their clinical facts, customer reviews etc. What stopped me is this device called SizeGenetics which was awarded as the top penis enlargement device when I saw it.

This is where i started learning about it, and i would like to show what happened after i used it.

One cannot negate the fact that a bigger penis can please a woman more than anything during sex.

It’s an ultimate tool for happiness which keeps her interested and keeps you intimidated.

But not every man is bestowed by a big dick naturally, not all of us were born in Africa or have something in our genes which gives us an enormous size.

Today’s subject is about a penis enlargement device which has changed the entire industry of penis enlargement, in fact, if you keep reading I assure you can transform your sex life in a best possible way.

What is SizeGenetics?

It is a penis extender which has benefits other than increasing your penis size.

SizeGenetics has sold penis extenders since 2001 where it was firstly used by men with Peyronie’s disease in which a person gets extremely bent penis due to the development of fibrous scar tissues.

SizeGenetics review
The quick guide on SizeGenetics

Buy SizeGenetics online

You see those penis enlargement supplements which may or may not work for you, but this device is strictly efficient and it is proven to work in 100% of cases.

After seeing the strong claims from the company I kept on exploring things about it.

Those claims were:

  • It will increase your penis size remarkably
  • Increase your sexual power and confidence
  • You can get long-lasting erections with full controls
  • Satisfy woman with large sex appetite
  • It is an effective treatment for bend penis (which is so important)

How Does it Work For Penis Enhancement?

The truth behind the mechanism of action of SizeGenetics is the traction method which is basically to apply stretching force on the penis.

Upon stretching to a certain limit the cells in your penis will grow in number and every loose or old cell will go down.

Once the new cell regeneration occurs, your penis will get stronger since the newly formed cells are stretched well enough.

The second effect of the SizeGenetics is to increase the blood flow to the penile region, which is the most demanded things during sex.

Also, the amount of blood supply will empower the integrity of each cell which is newly formed as a result of which they keep on growing in size.

Clinical Studies about SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics was subjected to real clinical trials. In 2008 a group of men was taken where they put the device for 4 hours for continuous 6 months of the time period.

The achieved results were gathered about 10 years ago after which there have been bigger changes in the efficiency of penis extenders.

reports on SizeGenetics
SizeGenetics in Daily Mail News

Buy SizeGenetics online

SizeGenetics now can add 2-3 inches to your penis size; believe it or not these are the new numbers which make you a perfect man for the majority of women around the world.

These are the key findings of the recent studies.

“Men who wore a penile extender every day for six months were able to increase the flaccid length of their penis by up to 32% and their erectile function by up to 36%, according to an independent clinical study published in the March issue of BJU International.”


My SizeGenetics Results

Ok, so I purchased SizeGenetics from their official link at a very reasonable price and it is now the end of the 4th month.

Let’s take a look at the changes I experienced with every month passed.

1st Month with SizeGenetics

Didn’t I tell you my size was around 5.5 inch which is 13.9 in cm. The device is very comfortable its easy to wear, for someone who can’t wear it there is a DVD, CD which will direct you to the method of how to use the SizeGenetics.

In the first week, I noticed my penis in flaccid mode is rigid, not that it gained some size too soon, but there was something going on which I think was the result of stretching.

At the end of the 3rd week, I noticed my erection timings were improved and I could sustain the erection upon penetration.

No changes in the penis size though.  

2nd Month SizeGenetics Result

You have to be punctual in what you do; using the SizeGenetics for over a month has at last given me what I wanted. An addition of an inch in my penis size, O’yes you got it right. Now the little Johnson is 6 inches tall.

It is true that these penis enlargement devices demand your patience which is worth it by the way.

3rd Month – Performance Enhancing Month

Sex is different now, now I like to play around with her body and makes the foreplay long lasting.

My girth size has been increased to the minimum, but that’s a good thing since I demanded to increase the length.

The true strength of your penis is observed upon deep penetration, before that, i used to ejaculate involuntarily because of no proper control.

But now it has all changed, the newly formed cells in my penis are stronger and more powerful.

My sperm formation has been increased by about 50% which is good for masculine features.

4th Month – Final Results

SizeGenetics can add up to 2.5 inches to your penis size, this statement is bold, but it’s true!

No, I didn’t get 2. 5-inch addition, I wish I could have gained more.

It’s awesomely now 7.1 inches tall, can you believe it? The end of the 4th month was very surprising for me as I noticed enhanced girth.

Before I didn’t know the girth holds so much important until one of these girls told me that woman loves it more than the size.

Gaining about 1.6 inches with SizeGenetics in only 4 months! I couldn’t have pulled off a greater deal than this.

Where Can You Buy SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a premium kind of penis extenders which is available through their official website.

Buy SizeGenetics Device

There are other penis extenders too, but it is recommended for you to choose the one which is clinically tested and approved as safe.

Using penis extenders by the unknown company can damage your penis and it is not a joke to mess around with it.

How Much Does SizeGenetics Cost?

You can find different varieties of the SizeGenetics penis extender devices.

Depending on your purpose the price for these devices are highly affordable than most of the penis augmentation process.

The price starts with $199.99 and there are extenders having medical use, which will cost you up to $229 which is called an ultimate system.

They deliver to every region of the globe with free shipping charges.

Do They Have Money Back Guarantee?

This is also the thing that made me very confident over this product; there is a money back guarantee offered by SizeGenetics which claims to refund your money in a condition of no results.

Now, as a company, they have certainly gained my trust, but I don’t think you would be claiming any money refunds!

Final Verdict – Does SizeGenetics Works for Everyone?

I have seen hundreds of counterfeit penis enlargement products fooling millions of people every day and stealing their money.

If you are about to spend something for the sake of penis enlargement then you should at least get some results out of it.

Real SizeGenetics Testimonials
SizeGenetics results

Buy SizeGenetics online

I am not saying the penis enlargement supplements are fake, some of them actually work for enhancing your sexual power, but if you want to increase your penis size the greatest deal you could ever get is by purchasing the penis extenders.

They are highly effective, safe and easy to use. Moreover, they have a large pile of clinical data about their devices which makes them even more legitimate.

My sex life is now entirely changed for now I can run the game according to my will and it’s really nice to see a woman satisfied with your sexual performance and penis size.


Q1: Is Sizegenetics a medical device?

A: According to the standards set by the European Union, SizeGenetics is certified as a type-1 medical device

Q2: What type of results does size genetics deliver?

A: It solely depends on the duration for you have been using Sizegenetics. Use it for 1 a month and you will get a harder (than before) penis upon erection only, using it for 2 months and you will produce strong sexual stamina.

Using Sizegenetics for 4-6 months can increase your penis size around 2 inches.

Q3: Is there any side effects by SizeGenetics?

A: There has been no sign of side effects with the use of SizeGenetics, as far as the online health page concern they also said there are no evidence of side effects risks with SizeGenetics use, however, if the first time user chooses the higher pressure gaiter that may damage his penis.

Q4: Is jelqing beneficial with Sizegenetics?

A: Jelqing is a kind of massage technique for the penis.

For the users who have reached for the ultimate device use, jelqing 3 different times will affect their penis girth and improves the endurance level during sex.

  • You can jelq before wearing the device
  • You can jelq after using the device for 2 hours
  • Or you can jelq after you have completed the stretching session

Q5: Can you use Penis enlargement supplement with Sizegenetics?

A: If only they are natural! Sizegenetics increases your penis size by the natural way called traction method.

Combining the technique with the natural ingredients that produce effects from inside is more useful than using synthetic chemicals like blue pills.

Q6: Which penis enlargement pills or supplement is appropriate to use with SizeGenetics?

A: There are hundreds of male enhancement supplement which promises to increase the sexual power, most of which doesn’t affect the penis size.

The supplement that may improve the penis length would be ExtenZe pills for it has recently been endorsed by many health experts for increasing penis size up to 30%.

Q7: How many editions of SizeGenetics are there?

A: There are 4 different editions of Sizegenetics, each of which works in different ways

  1. The comfort package
  2. Ultimate Package
  3. SizeGenetics Value Edition
  4. The Peyronie’s Edition